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  1. Product information
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Shipping methods and shipping cost
  4. Order information
  5. About The Website

Product information :

  • I am looking for an item on the website but cannot find it :

When an item is not listed on the website, this means that it is out of stock. All our items are not necessarily resupplied.

  • Are all the items on the site available? :

Our website reflects our current stock (Patches, Accessories and Merchandise) and what we can order for our customers within a reasonable time.

However, items ordered are deducted from the stock only upon validation of the order. Thus, an item available in limited quantity can be ordered by several people before the site is updated. In these cases, any order that we can not handle will be refunded.

Our website and stock information are updated on a WEEKLY basis.

Payment Methods :

  • Secure Payment By Paypal :

Payment can be made through PayPal after you have opened an account there. Please check PayPal for further information. Any refund for unavailability of items will be processed via PayPal.

  • Cash, and money order :

We do not accept payment by International Money Order or Cash Mandate. Also, We do not accept cash sent by post.

Shipping methods and shipping cost :

  • Delivery time :

Delivery times will vary according to the carrier. When it is possible to figure out these times, they will be displayed during the validation of your order, when selecting the carrier.

  • Shipping costs calculation :

The shipping costs added to the total of your order depend on several criteria :

  1. the weight of your order
  2. the delivery address

Order information :

Find below the explanation of the different status :

  1. Pending Payment : The Payment expected status designates an order which has been placed via the Shop and which payment has not been completed yet. You will be notified by email when we receive your payment and the status of the order will change.
  2. Processing : This status means that your order has been properly saved and your payment has been registered. All required conditions have been completed and your order can now be processed.
  3. Complete : The Shipped status means your order has been sent.
  4. Cancelled : The Cancelled / Refunded status means your order has been cancelled and refunded (when necessary). We will inform you of this refund by email.

About The Website :

In case of problems or if you encounter any errors while browsing our site please, use this contact form to inform us and mention the actions you have performed, the browser used (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. ) and its version (to know the version of your browser, see the Help menu and sub-section “About …” from your browser).

Please tell us the time and date of appearance of the error. If it concerns one of your orders please mention the five-digit number of the order.