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Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane

For me, Dissection is a very special band, because this band introduced me to the universe of melodic black metal metal. But who cares, then it’s also interesting because this band created a style that was unlike anything known when it first appeared… the style commonly known as “Anti-Cosmic Metal of Death”, which is in fact melodic black. And melodic black has never been so well represented as on this album.

Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane

At first listen, and hearing the introduction, i must say that guitars do everything: the band used them like nowhere else. To be convinced of this, listening to the introduction (“At the fathomless depths”) should be enough … The band set a very dark and morbid mood to the album, without the need for keyboards or any other accessories. A True funeral march on the guitars… I’ve never heard something similar.

On the rest of the album, without the genius Jon Nödtveidt, we would almost feel the heavy influences too much, but much darker than in this style. Also, he cover is no stranger to that, and Necrolord has been able to capture this release atmosphere. Satan is not the only star here, but Death (the reaper). More than a symbol, Perhaps the leader’s conviction for complicity in murder is the cause … or the consequence? The drummer did an amazing job! The syncopations, the double and the blasts beats are extra fast!

In fact, I think the only flaw in this album right now is the sound: it was great when it came out, but now it’s outdated. The production deserves to be as good as dimmu borgir, mayhem or marduk … but at the time, things were different.

What is Dissection’s Musical Style?

Most people classify Dissection as death, or black death. But you have to keep in mind that this album is a pure black metal album! There are no death influences. The atmosphere is morbid, the tracks are not too technical, the vocals are black and the lyrics are black metal themes.

Finally, For me this is a nostalgic post. As i have mentioned above, this band introduced me to the melodic black metal world, it’s hard to be impartial, i can only give a very good rating. Either way, that’s a benchmark for many!